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It'sTime To Love You Up...

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

You are a superwoman and you are loved! Love you up every single day. -- me

A girlfriend of mine on Facebook playfully posted “who’s getting nothing for Valentine’s Day?“ I said to myself and thought, “Yep I guess that’s me.” The holiday has never been a favorite of mine as it often gets just caught up in the idea of being coupled. I’d like to, instead, get you thinking this weekend about the idea of simply, loving yourself. Loving yourself? I know, you’re thinking she’s lost her marbles. For those of you who are coupled in some form already, I wish you absolute wild happiness, sister. And while being part of a couple can be fabulous, we never want the responsibility to be solely on someone else to show us how amazing we are. So, whether you are single or couples, sisters, I charge you with the task of raining down some true love on yourself this weekend.

How do you do that? Ok, I have some ideas.

  1. First, allow yourself to sleep until you naturally wake up. Allow your body to tell you when it’s time to wake up. We push ourselves day after day allowing alarm clocks to buzzzzzzzzzz us into wakefulness and out of peaceful dreams. Today, give yourself a few extra moments.

  2. Treat your body to some warm water with fresh lemon as it helps to keep you hydrated, is detoxifying, and also encourages the body to drink more water throughout the day.

  3. Write a love letter to yourself today. Remind yourself of what an amazing human being you are. This might be a tough one for many of us. It’s much easier to write down a list of our faults. But today, sit and reflect on all of the things that make you a gift to this world.

  4. Today would be a perfect day to do some exercise or yoga. If you haven’t given yourself an opportunity to slow down and meditation would be the perfect way to go. And if you have been feeling sluggish and you really would love an opportunity to get your engine revving and perhaps an amazing workout is just what you need.

  5. You know that self-care routine that you never seem to have time for? You know, the one facial mask, lotions, sugar scrubs, etc. that’s the one! Today is the day that you should have fun and make time for all of them. You know they’re in the back of your medicine cabinet or underneath the sink just waiting for you to use them.

  6. Plan an easy dinner for yourself or order in and maybe invite a friend over to spend some time with you. Don’t make it too complicated so that you’re not spending too much time slaving over the stove.

  7. Buy yourself some flowers so you are surrounded by a pop of color throughout your day at home.

  8. End your day with a luxurious bath with your favorite calming music. wear a comfy robe and fluffy slippers as you relax for the rest of your evening. And remember, most importantly, that Valentine’s Day is just another day because we can love ourselves like this ANY DAY OF THE YEAR!

I hope you enjoy your weekend, sisters! Let me know how it goes!!!!



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