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Can You Go Technology Free?

Technology should improve your life... Not become your life.

-Billy Cox

Technology is a tricky thing. While we are so heavily reliant on it on a day-to-day basis, I recognize the stress that it causes in my life when it’s not working well.

My computer stopped working over the past week or two and I just got another one. During the week that I was without a computer, I realized that I use my computer for nearly everything! I use it for email, for zoom sessions with my clients, to complete work at home, to look up information regularly, to make doctor appointments, to participate in my schooling, and to work on my website…

I have no qualms about talking about the positive affects of technology on life. I realize that it provides us with amazing education and access and ability to communicate with people that we might not be able to do otherwise. I love being able to research topics whenever they cross my mind in a way that is far less difficult than the “old days“ of going to the card catalog and looking up my latest research project at the library. And there is no questioning the influence that technology has had on the medical field. Globally we’ve improved medically by leaps and bounds, as time is moved on and the accessibility to answers can be astounding.

But alas…there’s a downside.

Just as I’ve come to depend on technology, I can see the drawbacks as well.

1. POSTURE. Whether it’s spending time on the phone or on the computer, people tend to slump over and sit with a slouched position when they are on the computer or strain their neck looking down at their phone.

2.LACK OF CONNECTION. As people spend time on the computer spending hours on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Netflix or whatever else, it is all time that takes away from the possibility of them spending time with one another. So, there’s been a lack of connection between people in society today and it’s important to take a look at the impact the technology has had on that.

3.LACK OF SLEEP. The blue screen, whether it is with a phone or a computer is something that often interferes with people sleep. It’s amazing how many people sleep with their phone while the rest sleep with it close by on their nightstands. The Washington Post published a study that spoke about the negative impact of blue screen on sleep stating that it “could cause emotional stimulation.” There are way too many people who say that they check their phone before they brush their teeth in the morning and checking their phone is the last thing they do before going to bed at night.

4.LACK OF EXERCISE. All of this extra time on the computer and on the phone can cause a much more sedentary lifestyle. We are also in a society where every other job seems to have duties that include sitting at a computer and a lack of exercise can unfortunately lead to weight gain and other health issues.

So how do we combat all of this in a world filled with technology??

Creating Technology/Life balance

It’s never too late in life to take a look at where we can improve. You can limit your time on technology by turning it off at certain times of the day. These might be your TECHNOLOGY-FREE times.

* Make plans with friends where you get to do an activity that you'll all enjoy!

* Go out to dinner and be mindful that everyone agrees to put their phones away throughout the meal.

* Have fun and use your TECHNOLOGY-FREE time to get outside and get a breath of fresh air!


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