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Self Care From Scratch

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

We all need to learn the best steps for self care...

“An empty lantern provides no light. Self-care is the fuel that allows your light to shine brightly.” --Unknown

I have been talking to friends and clients and even reading on Facebook about people I know, waking up tired, dragging themselves through the workday, trying to squeeze in a workout, rushing through dinner, then running through a shower and then watching television before bed and calling that relaxation. The struggle seems to be trying to balance an endless list of priorities that run into each other throughout the day without so much as a breath in between. We may be tired and overwhelmed but all too often the bigger problem is that we don’t know where to start in creating self-care rituals for ourselves. I think it’s time to create some self-care rituals from scratch. How about you?

First, I don’t want to discount how busy our lives are. We step up to life‘s buffet and pile it mile high with things to do. The worst part is that we have a difficult time deciphering which are priorities.

Step 1 — Decide what priorities and goals we have for the week that we would like to address. What are the things are the most important to us? How do you decide what things are the most important to you? You might begin by thinking about how you will feel when some of these priorities are completed. If it is a work goal, what might you feel like when you complete that project, hand in that paper, talk to your boss about that raise? Then we can move on to our self care. Well, what are the things that light you up? Make you smile? Make you lose track of time? Bring you utter joy?

Step 2 — Set aside some time in your calendar – just like a date – to fit in some of these activities. You might have to think about it in the same way that you set aside time for a friend who is in need, on lunch with your mom, a work project, or doing homework with your kid. We usually set aside time for other people with ease but don’t easily set aside time for ourselves in the same way. I’ve learned that blocking this time on your calendar noting it as an appointment has worked for me.

Step 3 — Find a self care buddy to help hold yourself accountable. If you tell a friend about your goals and ask for help in holding you accountable, you’ll be more likely to stay on track. Do you ever noticed that when you say something out loud it makes it more real?

Step 4 — Think about what’s worked for you in the past. If there are times when you remember maintaining healthy self care for yourself in a particular area, think about how do you maintained that’s self-care - maybe it was exercising with a friend, bringing your journal every place you went so that it was readily available, setting an alarm or reminder so that you went to bed on time, etc. Once we identify what worked for us in the past we might be able to pick up those same patterns again.

Step 5 — Review how you’ve done over the course of the week. You’ll be able to see where you need to make changes and where you’ve done phenomenally over the course of the week.

Do you have any self care goals this year?? I’d love to support you!


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