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A Few Things I Learned From My Dad

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

When I'm at my best, I am my father's daughter.

-- Anonymous

I hesitated to write about Father’s Day as I know that there are many people who have complicated relationships with their dads or may not have their parents in their lives from loss or other reasons. However, I had a conversation with someone this week who said to me that though she lost her father many years ago, she loves Father’s Day because she thoroughly enjoys looking back at who he was as a person and on who she is because of being influenced by him. She inspired me to write down just a few thing about my own dad. Truth is, I could go on for pages but here’s a few…

  • Nothing is worthless. Throughout my life, while some people might think that an object had no value and would quickly throw it away, my dad would see it’s value. There were times he would hold onto things because he knew that “there will come a time“ that we might need it. The funny thing was, inevitably, we always did. And then of course there are all of his amazing “finds.” I can’t tell you how many times my father would find something curbside that someone had discarded and, somehow, he would refinish it and create a treasure for our home. It has always been a talent and we are all glad that he has passed this on as we all have eclectic tastes and I always remember that you can easily find value and beauty where others may not see it.

  • It is often within silence is where we do our learning. My dad is a quiet man. I can remember a time in my life when my friends were intimidated by him because he was seemingly quiet and stern. I learned as years went on that my father observed everything around him. He has always been an amazing judge of character even though he does not easily share his opinions about people. He has taught me that it is by watching and paying attention to the things that go on around me and the people that surround me, I am sure to be stronger, wiser and gifted. And if I am running my mouth…I miss some of those opportunities.

  • I am lovable matter what. My dad has watched me make plenty of mistakes in my life and has supported me through them all. While he is not a man of many words, he has a way of reminding me of every success and never highlighting my failures. In fact, it seems that at the time I have fallen the hardest, he reminds me that life is not all that serious.

  • Things don’t last forever and people are not here forever so appreciate everything while it and they are here. My father lost his mother while he was very young and had his fair share of losses of friends and family. He has been able to share amazing stories about his family as he has a great memory and is able to share awesome details. As I listen to his stories, I’m reminded of how blessed I am to have my family in my life and I try very hard to cherish each moment with them so that I may share memories with my children and grandchildren in the same way that he does.

  • Save momentos in life because you’ll enjoy looking back and sharing the memories that go along with them later. I walked into my dad‘s workshop once and amongst all of the tools you find ballet shoes, crayon drawings, old keychains, Girl Scout awards, old Father’s Day cards, pictures, etc. It is like a flashback to childhood - mine and my sister’s as well as our children’s past. My dad enjoys looking back and recounting a memory that comes to life when paired with its accompanying item. For me this became pictures. I love looking back at photo albums and sitting around talking about what was happening during that particular time.

  • Music soothes the soul. When people ask me about my music taste, I call it eclectic. When people ask me about my music influences, I admit I have a few. Music was always a part of my childhood. I don’t remember a time when my dad wasn’t singing. He would be outside doing yardwork building out a tune, in his workshop humming, in the car singing along to the radio, etc. as soon as my dad came home from work he would take off his work clothes and switch on the radio. I saw myself using music to do the same things in life – to boost my mood, to calm me, to exercise, to meditate, to travel with - music for every situation! My love for music was definitely passed down to my children as well!


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