A Hula Hoop Started It All

The expert at anything was once a beginner.

--- Helen Hayes

Several months ago I did a training over zoom with a friend of mine. During the training that had to do with counseling, they discussed the importance of self-care, downtime, exercise, and thinking outside the box.

Enter…a hula hoop.

One of the trainers discussed how using a hula hoop was one of the ways that she relieved tension and brought a bit of creativity into her life. So, I suddenly found myself doing some hula hoop motions (mind you, without a hula hoop on a zoom session). After this zoom conference, I went on to Amazon and I was looking at different hula hoops with a sense of curiosity. I found a weighted hula hoop and somehow I accidentally - don’t ask how - ordered one. So, here I am, laughing to myself about the fact that I have now ordered this hula hoop. While I could have canceled the order, I decided, what the heck! I decided to wait until it came and see if I could actually use it.

The hula hoop arrived and I cracked up. I first had to put it together and I was stunned at how heavy it was. I brought it outside and attempted my first hula hoop-ing session. It was fantastic! I was outside hysterical laughing all by myself while I attempted to keep the hula hoop on my hips. It took me about an hour to master being able to keep it on my hips for only a few minutes. I decided to make it a regular practice.

That was the beginning.

I started exercising 10 minutes a day at first. Then I joined a gym started going to classes. Mind you, I continued to challenge myself with the hula hoop. I was determined to get myself to a place where I could comfortably hula hoop for minutes without thinking twice just like the person in the video on Amazon.

I have now been going to the gym since February with complete dedication that I have never really shown with exercise. I feel stronger and I love that I have a whole-hearted commitment and devotion to something that seems to impact all of the other areas of my life! And while I still look hilarious and often have to fight back laughter, I’m happy to say that I can now keep that hula hoop up for at least 10 minutes!

Dedication and determination. I guess that’s all it takes with most things. Is there something that you have on your mind that you’d like to dedicate the time and energy to but have not had they get up and go to start yet? I encourage you to write it down here!

Whatever it is, I would love to see you move closer to whatever it is that you want. And if you need support, this is the place to get it! For me, it all started with the hoop. What will light your fire?

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