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Are You Making Time To Laugh?

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Laughing is, and will always be, the best from of therapy.

--Dau Voire

Happy last weekend of May! Tell me, have you ever been laughing so hard at something that tears were streaming down your face when suddenly a thought interrupts you and you suddenly stop laughing and realize “uh oh, I’m supposed to be DOING something else or I’m supposed to BE someplace else…!?” This past week I have been having the time of my life enjoying the company of both my girls at the same time since one has just finished college for the semester and the other is on break before her summer session. We were watching an absolutely awful show on Netflix which had me rolling in laughter to the point of tears. Suddenly, I realized I hadn’t posted my blog post for the week. I had forgotten. I stopped laughing for a moment. I had a wave of recognition that an obligation had gone past me. Then just as quickly as it came, it was followed by a wave of relief.

How wonderful! How amazing to be so caught up in the joy and laughter of what was going on around me that I forgot about something.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that we should just throw caution to the wind, disregard all of our obligations and sit in front of some really bad Netflix shows. What I am saying, is that I think that many of our lives have become overrun with deadlines, calendars, iPhone reminders, appointments, and plans of all sorts to the point to the degree that we almost forget what it’s like to get to get caught up and laugh to the point of tears.

I know this is a fact for me.

When I am laughing this hard nowadays, I notice it. It seems unusual. And I consider myself a very happy person! But I think that with so few interactions with friends, family, my own children, and even my colleagues, I’ve lost some of the silly moments this year. For such a long time now, people have worked from home and have less opportunities to see one another face-to-face. I’ve been working from my office since August now but the office is not at full capacity. So, even when I am there, we aren’t all there together. The office is quiet and, of course, we are all still only seeing each other’s eyes when we do.

Let’s make time to laugh. After all, it lifts our mood, lowers blood pressure, increases our immunity and raises endorphins.

Oh it’s easy today to take life and everything around us very seriously. But, I encourage you to find the laughter in your every day.

1. If you are working from home or in an office and you are on a computer, try putting up a funny screensaver that will make you smile or laugh each time you open your computer. I have a picture on my wall of a woman burying her self in lavender to relax. Every time I look at it, I can’t help but laugh.

2. The funnies. Yes. I said it. The funnies. I can remember when I was a kid rushing to the comics so that I could look at them. While dad was reading the serious stories about things that were going on in the world for the week, I was giggling at the intelligent, quick and cute humor in the funnies.

3. Pick out a great comedy, movie that you haven’t watched or an old “go to“ that always lift your spirits. Maybe a comedian has a show that you’d like to go see. You can always google your favorite comedian to see some of your favorite clips.

4. Okay, this one is sure to give you a giggle. Ask, Siri to tell you a joke. I have an iPhone but I am sure this works for the other phone “personalities” as well - Google, Alexa, whatever you’ve got. The jokes are so silly they are sure to get you to crack a smile.

5. Get one of those desk calendars that have a joke for each day. Someone I know has a 365 knock knock jokes calendar. Cracks. Me. Up.

6. Do something silly. I bought a weighted hoola hoop a while back. If buying it for myself wasn’t funny enough- watching me try to hoola was the kicker. I actually have come to enjoy doing it. My older cousin came to visit recently and both of us decided to go outside and hoola hoop. Two people in their 50’s hoola hooping and hysterical laughing. It was awesome and we had an absolute blast and got QUITE a workout - though admittedly I am glad that no one has some video!

7. Whatever you do, find other people who enjoy laughing. When I am around people who make me laugh and smile I automatically feel lighter. How about you!?

Take time to remember how you feel when you are filled with joy to your core. My wish for you this week, is that you are so overwhelmed with joy and laughter that you forget about some thing that you were supposed to do!!


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