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Mother's Day

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

I’m a mother to two amazing girls - women actually. Making that decision to become a mama all those years ago was one that changed my life and changed who I was as a woman. I always felt I was a loving person, a caring person, a protective person even. Becoming a mother, however, showed me that I was capable of these characteristics far beyond what I had ever imagined. I also realized, the depths to which I was capable of feeling joy, pain, and even fear because as a mama you not only experience these emotions on your own but you experience them in infinite form as you watch your child go through them as well. They get hurt - you get hurt. They feel joy - you feel joy. They take risks - and you can feel a fear that is unimaginable as you worry about the potential consequences. A friend and I have often spoken about how how much we are enjoying the gift of being mamas and while parenting is a job that we would never trade places with anyone for, it is by far one of the most difficult jobs we have ever had. The best and the worst part about the job is that you spend the entire time parenting doing the best to strengthen your child enough and guide them toward building the skills they will need so that they will one day they will be self-sufficient and, hopefully, not need you - well...not need you as much. Lol

Our ability to mother and nurture is endless. I have been blessed to have been nurtured, guided, loved, supported, influenced and motivated not only by my own mother but by my grandmother though she is gone now, by great aunts, aunts, my godmother, my sister, cousins, and amazing friends that are my sisters by choice. Different women have different roles in your life and it is certainly important to recognize that a woman need not have given birth to you to have mothered you.

I wish a happy Mother’s Day to all of the women in my life for having shaped me for the woman that I am.

I encourage you to take the time this weekend to think of and even thank all the women who have and are shaping you! The best part is when that list is long!!


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