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Starting from scratch

If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.

-- Jack Kornfield

Starting from scratch… What does it look like? Well, I guess it depends on what you’re talking about. Here we are, one week in the new year. People talk about it being a clean slate, a fresh start, a new chapter….

What will you do with your clean slate? Do you have new goals? Things you’d like to leave behind? Things you’d like to create in this new year? There seems to be possibilities in each new year as the ball drops. Some think of walking into the new year as looking into an ocean of hope and possibilities. There’s many who say that if you create resolutions about things that you’d like to change in your life, that often you drop many of those just a few short weeks into the new year. So, instead of forcing what might seem like torturous tasks into your life, and into your routine, maybe together, we can consider this a year of possibility. Possibilities for self-care, self love.

Ahhh self love. What does THAT look like?! Here are just 5 of my favorites…

  • Let go of regret and take the lesson. All too often in life we look back at the past and mistakes that we’ve made and we ruminate thinking about how we should’ve done things differently. These are the moments to remember that we are imperfectly perfect! Wouldn’t it be divine to just take the gifts and the lessons that came from the moments rather than concentrate on the imperfections in the designs of the moments.

  • How about feeding yourself? Cook an amazing meal just for you! I’d invite you to share it as well as your fabulous company with someone that brings you joy, but remember - you are worth a special meal regardless. You can even find a new recipe- something new and experiment and make it FUN!

  • Let go of being a people pleaser. I was doing an exercise with one of my peers this week, and something that came up for me was a recognition of moments in my past that I have sought the approval of others. By seeking others approval, I’ve changed many of the choices that I’ve made in my life and delayed other choices that I might have made. I am so happy to have this recognition as it allows me to make completely different choices today. If this resonates with any of you, take a look at some choices or decisions that you would like to make this year for yourself, things you’d like to pursue just for you, and jump on in!

  • Get outside! Seems like a simple one right!? Yep, I know that it’s getting cold out and you may not be thrilled to be out in the cold air, but the truth is it when we are outside with the sun on our faces even in this cold, breathing in the crisp air, we bring in more oxygen into the body boosting our energy, increasing our focus and lifting our mood - and who can say no to that!?! So, bundle up and get outside even if it’s just for 20 minutes and then you can treat yourself with some fuzzy slippers and a cozy blanket!

  • Learn the wisdom of winding down. This has been a tough one for me as my body struggles to stay asleep but we ALL know how important it is to sleep and feed our body rest. My body tends to love the midnight hours and I find myself creative during silence and dark of night. But creating healthy nighttime habits can look different for everyone. There are lots of delicious things we can add to evening routines, before we lie down, so that we rest well and feel refreshed come morning. These might include:

    • Journaling

    • Reading from a favorite book

    • Listening to some soothing music

    • Have a cup of tea

    • Enjoy a warm shower or bath

    • Practice some evening yoga poses

    • Cuddle with your pet (ok, this a personal favorite)

Self care means taking care of ourselves every single day, and while we may not feel like we see the results in the moment, we are building a healthy lifestyle with a hope of amazing, long-term effects. The desire is that we sustain good health, continue to stay positive and healthy,

The other part of self-care is that it is hard work. Hard work that often, we don’t feel the need for or the right to invest in ourselves. So, we have choices. And the truth is that we all have to start from scratch.

Where will you begin?

I’d love to hear what self care you add in to your life!


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